Your life is a definition of the magnificent earth
A simple addition to the wondrous spark
The spark of life that ignited the universe
To discover that you are more magnanimous

You are you in your element
A greater addition to the worldly ensemble
You are a majestic creation fully designed
Inscribed with your purpose
Ready for flight

Times might come when you hurt inside
Besides the crying the laughter makes you stronger
Anger subsides and you become hotter
Burning with a flame that attracts multitudes
That inspires magnitude
That shakes out gratitude
That breaths life to a single soul
Causing it to rise a shore
Walk on board
To the sailing ship
Shipped to a fun land so far
Far from the lies you’ve heard
Heard from people who are hurt
Hurt by the past they hid
Hid from the light to let go

You are an astounding cloud
Cover the earth with your love
You are worth more than you think
The earth without you will sink

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