This Saturday at 4 PM at The Resolution Health Impala Floodlit Tournament at Impala Club, Ngong Road, Kenya’s foursquare community will come together to unlock the world’s first Super Swarm badge in Africa. Many have tried, none have succeeded. It needs 250 people to sign up on and “check-in” at the Impala Club venue.
We’re looking for 254 to show the world, the +254 is the place to be in Africa.

Share it via Facebook, invite your friends, blog it, tweet and RSVP here – or with the link –
Tickets to the Resolution Health Impala Floodlit Tournament are Ksh. 300 each, so you get great rugby action, an awesome crowd and some foursquare badges to boot!

And it’s International 4square Day on the same day. That’s 3 foursquare badges you get (for those wondering) Swarm, Super Swarm & 4sqday.
And if we can get a Member of Parliment to “endorse” foursquare day, we’ll get global props on the blog!
Kenyans, we were born online for such a time as this.
4Square Day

Date: 16/4/2011
Time: 4 PM
Venue: Impala Club, Ngong Road
Damage: Ksh. 300
We’re giving away 2 complimentary tickets to our readers who tweet, share or like this event. You also have to comment here below & inform us how you have spread the word & two lucky people will get free tickets.

[Never heard of foursquare? Never signed up? Join here (web & mobile) and then RSVP here.]