What if you didn’t have to work so hard just to have me beg you for your hard earned cash?
What if you didn’t have to see my pitiful face just when you stepped out of your Mercedes?
What if I didn’t wail so loudly the many times you tried to ignore me?
What if I died when you first made that wish and you would not have to see
This “dirty thing” again?

But kind sir you do a lot when you spare me that ten-shilling coin.
If you didn’t work so hard, I wouldn’t beg from you.
You wouldn’t have that Mercedes.
If I died when you wished me to, you would probably be at my spot begging too.

So kind Sir…
Thank you for your money.
Thanks to you I can feed my brothers they are younger than I.
Thanks to you, I look forward to every morning.
Thanks to you, I buy food.
Thanks to you, I will grow up.
Thanks to you, I might be you someday.
Thanks to you.
You are my hero.

© sonnia gitome