I was born smooth and silky,
Molded into a perfect paper bag.
I was adopted by mama mboga together with my thirty brothers.
Life was great with the others,
Until our time came to be of use.
One of my brothers went with tomatoes
Another with potatoes.
Two were not so lucky because they had holes and could not hold
Mama mboga’s milk, so they were thrown out without a thought.

I was given away carrying mboga and could not help but smile
at mama mboga her name ran true with what I carried.
When I got to my new home I was thrown away as soon as they took
Their mboga. I landed in their litter bin and there I found others like me.
Some came from cooperation’s others from supermarkets and even from mobile companies
It was sad to know that we all faced the same fate despite our background.
That we were to be disposed off.

A lorry came and whisked us away, to a large piece of land.
There were million’s of others like me some as old as mama mboga.
So many feet stepped on us, but I learned from the older ones that this was just the beginning for our life span is longer than man’s

As the days go by I curse the day I was born.
Please don’t give birth to others like me.
Man does not know what to do with me if he burns me
I destroy his environment.

So please don’t give birth to others like me.

© sonnia gitome