Damn!! This is so freakin hard
I’m no poet by the way,
Neither am i a writer,
So you’ll have to bear with me if my piece
Doesn’t have the so much required stylistic devices.
I just figured since well, i can talk, i can think, am inspired,
Why don’t i write a poem?
So here goes my poem, titled my first poem.

Wait a minute, why am i introducing my poem mid poem.
Damn it!! I am trying to prove i can write a poem too,
But i end up locking up
Is this what they call a writer’s block?
Coz i sure am blocked.
But it can be a writer’s block since I’ve not written anything,
Well other than my name on several job application forms
Oh and by the way i am looking for a job incase you wondering.
So since we agreed it’s not writer’s block,
Let’s give it a name, beginners….nah,
Since am trying lets go with trial….nah,
Oh i got it…no i don’t. Ok to hell with it, I’ll just go on.

First there is the piece and then there is how i will perform it.
Should i use the angry shouting style of delivery?
As if am a revolutionary trying to fight a system
Fight it as an individual
Forgetting no individual can bring down a system
Unless by infringing the system and creating my own system
To combat that system,
Or should i go smooth and sweet
Like kid on crystal meth
See what i mean, even the similes are hard to come up with.

Oh wait; i can give it a tune
ummm, this is my poem,
Can you hear it? It is a poem about my first poem.
Oh yesss aaaa! Uuuuuuuu!
Or i can do the highs and low of intonational differences
That my mind can see your ears can fathom….woooord.

Damn it!! I must admit this is so hard, but some people make it so easy
But i promise you this, the next time i hold this mic on this stage to say a poem,
The next time i claim to be inspired,
The next time i really appreciate the work of art in poetry
I’ll have mastered my art.
The good thing about art is that anything goes
Medicine is an art too just incase you didn’t know.
With great imagination comes creativity; with great creativity comes great art
With great art comes beauty, and i love beautiful things!!!
OMG this is so exciting!!!
You know what I’ve just realised? I have finished my first poem!!!

© daddie marto |twitter|