On the paths that stand unwalked
The borders separating today and tomorrow
Darkness looms like a ghost
With fangs out, ready to prey
Distant future flickers, unavailable
But the hands, though heavy laden
With fatigues of yesterday
Hold torches
And drained hopes drunken dry by yesterday’s failures
Detangle themselves from the dark caves that canvas them
Hopes, stretching free in the sun
And the legs
Birth the strength of a step
And another
A torch in the hand lights the way
And hope, a wing on which to fly
Tomorrow comes close
Like a mother’s dish smelt from a distant
We anticipate, we salivate
Tomorrow feels close
Its sweetness undeterred
Pungent, sweet spices of fried lilies
It’s brightness beams on our faces
Like sun in the morning
Whose rays draw rainbows in the horizon at the freshness of a day
So paths that stand unwalked are walked
By the hopes raised from dead
Darkness torched into light
Steps, hopes, light
For tomorrow’s hands are spread
Wake up
Walk on
Hug it