I’m trying to sleep
But my eyes have completely
Let me down.
I can’t blink a wink

All this is because of the news
That has just hit me (click)
Right inside my heart
And blood stream.

The girl whom I’d been betrothed
Is getting married (click)
To another man

I’m cursing the first time I met her
And allowed her to steal my heart
Because it was love at first sight

I knew her as the future mother of my offspring
And the one I’d share a bed and heart with
Till my sunset years
And after

Ours was love perfected in heaven
To be realized on earth
For all the mortals to witness
But now… a mirage is beckoning

My nights have continued getting shorter
And so has my dreams

I still believe we were meant for each other
And hope she’d come to me
For ‘what God has approved,
No one can disapprove’

I now spend unending nights tossing myself
From ends to, of my bed
Thinking deeply
That a calamity hits their new found love
And she comes to me.

Meanwhile, hoping gods will heed my prayer
I’ll look for a temporal reprieve
In the househelp next door
Until my girl returns.

So help me God.

© mburu kamau