My teacher is really clever
He tells me divide means equal
Multiplication is a number of times
Addition more than
And, oh subtraction…
…less than

He tells me
Maths symbols mean much
Division are two people together
Separated by a line
Multiplication sign…
…well, are two joined together
And addition, is crossing each other’s heart.
Did I forget subtraction?
He says it a sign of loneliness.

But of late I’ve seen him look at the hem of my skirt
And my chest with an awkward interest
That I feel unease
But still unsure
Because I need to know Maths

His eyes gyrate around me
Because of the urge
Of emotional satisfaction

I want to show him my pebble
Give him my taboo
But, then he’s my teacher
And I…his playing field.

© mburu kamau