I am trying with you.
Really I am.
I am trying to be patient
But you are trying my patience.
The problem is you’re the first.
You’re the first am trying to trust
Beyond mere lust
Before big thrusts
Thus it is a must
That you put me first
You’re a man so I expect the worst
And trust you to meet my expectations.
Except when I expect you to show up.
For when we plan to meet up and
See what we can get up … to,
To do all the things I love to do
Involving lust and thrust and
Trust bought in a pack of two,
Then I expect you to show up and
Then of course you let me down.
But you’re a man
So I expected the worst
And trust you to meet my expectations
By now I’d be done
And on to the next one
But I am trying with you
Really I am
But you’ve done strike one
And done strike two
One more strike,
We’re through.

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