With each new year
Comes new year’s resolutions,
Promises made,
Vows we vow to keep
That we know we won’t keep,
Old resolutions made in
OId years past,
Turned new when the new year
On the first

Though I love my matoke too much
I’ll stop eating too much
Though I love that tusker too much,
I’ll stop drinking too much
I’ll stop smoking, sleeping too much.
I’m going to get back in touch
With myself
My family
My God
In fact,
I’m going to start going to charch
Every Sunday
Starting this Sunday,
And I am NOT going hangover form the night before,
While planning my plans for the night to come
Instead I’ll go pray after,
Reflect after,
Think and praise after
I’m going to work harder,
Think smarter,
Be better,
Than ever before;

And this year,
Unlike every other year,
When I promised the same promise
Resolved the same resolutions,
Vowed the same vows
Then broke my vows
About 2 minutes after the new year checked in
This year is
I promise this year,
I swear this year,
I will last all year.
I resolve to keep my new year’s resolutions
At least until the sun sets on the first,
Because even that would be a first.

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