He was My Superman,Not your usual tall,strong,wearing his undies outside his costume kinda Superman.
He was the kind of Superman,that’s afraid of Superman!But he was my superhero,like the Neo in my matrix he was the one who every villain was afraid of.
He made me breathless,left my emotions senseless
He whisked me in his arms and took me to heights i couldn’t fathom,like a Phantom,he came by night.
With the S on his chest he made me forget about my ex,and think only of sex.I dropped that Zero and he became my hero.
The beauty of his Metropolis,His soft lips rolling down my cheeks,
Intertwining in between my legs,
The villain in him pouncing on me
Moaning for him to stop,but not wanting him to stop.
He had superpowers that devoured every part of my being,that made me exhale in ecstasy to the rhythm of his dance,his glance,i just gave him one more chance,or so i thought..
I had to let him go,let him know Lex Luthor was my villain,but he was my Superman and i was his Kryptonite,see i made him weak,so weak he couldn’t speak,his future was bleak,I sucked the energy out of his soul.He was my Superman,no thanks to Loise Lane,I made him insane,with my Kryptonite
I made him vulnerable,incapacitated his powers to fly,he kept asking me why,but the energy within was too strong,yet he kept holding on
Superman was no longer the superhero,my kryptonite blew him off like dynamite.
The one thing that reminded him of home was bad for him,my kryptonite was too strong for him,i had to let him go,let him know..this energy would destroy him..
But my heart belonged to Superman,as much as he strayed away from my kryptonite,he knew he couldn’t put up a fight.
I am a piece of his galaxy and his a piece of my energy..
But his only a man in a silly red sheet,
As much as he dug for kryptonite in between the sheets,
He still was only a man in a funny red sheet

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