She is waiting!
For the warmth
From being with him.
She wants to touch his face,
Run her fingers around the contours of his face,
Feel his skin beneath her fingertips,
Touch his lips so luscious, so inviting,
The feeling of want,
Comes unbidden in the night.
It’s so strong.
She wants him!
Wants to feel his body next to hers,
Locked in a silent embrace.
What she longs for, yearns for,
Is for his kiss
For him to make her his.
here she is,
Lying on her cold bed,
Cuddling her teddy hot water bottle,
Her thoughts millions of miles away,
Thinking of how his kiss could be.
The pleasure of being next to him.
So she dreams and dreams,
Of sweet kisses,
By the moonlight.
Sweet dream.

© rayhab wangari |twitter| blog|