He felt like his eyes were covered,
Covered with scales,
He could not see her beauty,
Or look into her eyes and long,
Yet his heart resonated with hers.

She wished he could describe her beauty,
At least qualify and quantify it,
Transform it from just a figure of his speech,
To a figure eight or otherwise,
Yet her heart resonated with his.

People taunted and jeered him,
That she sees nothing in you but pity,
That she will only last as long,
As a torrential rain in the Namib,
Yet his heart beat in sync with hers.

She swung doors open for him.
And guided his shaky steps,
He had all the trappings of chivalry,
That he could not practice,
Yet her heart beat in sync with his.

He thought he could see the world,
Through her words and her touch,
An angel but by another name,
Was the girl he had grown to love,
His heart was one with hers.

Sparkling eyes that told of his mirth,
The words he spoke; like a craft
The vision he had despite the odds,
And the humor that had her giggling,
Made her heart one with his.

She looked beyond his disability,
Took him beyond his borders,
To the worlds he could not see,
And gave him the love he had not felt,
They say love is blind,
But for her, blind is love.

© Moreen Mwangi