I’ve been to the place where birds go when it rains
Its beautiful
Its full of crisp smells, innocent thoughts bordering on naivety
Everything only happens once and once its gone you’ve missed it
Everything is so simple you appreciate anyone thing only by looking at everything that it is not,
You can get lost without moving and if you don’t move you miss the point of going there
The only thing you never see clearly when you look out at a beautiful thing is where you saw it from.

I’ve been to the place where fairies go to rest.
Its peaceful
It could only be, to give those who care so much a place to be cared about
Giving without receiving,
When very one wants something close to impossible from you; its only so long before your first no becomes your last
Because you never get asked to give again

I’ve been to the end of the rainbow,
Sorry, there is no pot of gold,
Just a cold cloud, jealous that it has to be the one to carry the rainbow
Especially when all the others are letting themselves go down to earth
To come back another day!!

I don’t know where I am,
I don’t want to be where I’m from.
But when I get back to where I was just before I got lost
I want you to be the one holding my hand.

© zephania