Like your eyes will you have the traits of your father?
Destined a legend will you be like my father?
Maya’s phenomenal, a genius like your grand-mother,
I can’t help but wonder…..
What will be your life’s path…my child?

So much to teach you,
So much to learn from you,
So much to tell you but not enough time for the telling,
All my love to give yet not enough for the showing,
See…I can’t help but wonder…
Will I be the ‘world’s greatest dad’?

Follow me child,
Heed Sir. Newton, stand on my shoulders and see beyond your peers horizons,
Travel the road taken by Frost and me,
Take my hand,
Let me show you the world my Father showed me and his father showed him,
That you may show yours when I’m gone,
Take my hand,
Let me show you where I have been,
Rob your eyes of their innocence,
Sow seeds of intellect in your mind that you may harvest new frontiers,
Arm you with pen and paper, the most potent artillery,
Teach you to decipher what lies between the lines of the ‘Book of Proverbs’ to ‘Imperium’, and everything in between,
For books will let you walk with legends, give you audience with the kings of yester year,
See…I can’t help but wonder…
Will I have taught you enough to make you a legend of your time?

If I should fail you…my child,
Know these few truths,
I believe in beauty,
Though I yet don’t know your mother as I script this,
I believe in divinity,
Undoubtedly you are a gift from God,
I believe in my life’s purpose,
I woke up today for your tomorrow,
I believe in my roots,
You are Kenyan and no human or politician can take that away from you,
Most importantly I believe in you,
True to that I would lay down my life, yet not for the proof of paternal love,
I would give it because…
I believe you would honour it.

© chaka sichangi (his blog)