some times in life we slip up,make silly mistakes.we realise our mistakes,show our remorse.we try to move on with life but at times we get judged harshly by society.i’m not trying to justify anyone’s mistakes,i just want to offer a different perspective

Said what I had to say,
did what I had to do.
I am not trying to justify my actions,
I am just telling why I did the things I did.
I know I made mistakes before,
I have no one to blame but myself.
When I tell you what I am going through,
you accuse me of looking for sympathy from you.
You should know that is the last thing I expect,
but I am appalled when you keep bringing up issues
from the past.
You talked about forgive and forget,
but you hold on to the past,you
smile in my face…you sneer behind my back.
And when I tell you I am turning my life around,
you encourage me,only for you to kill my morale
with your snide remarks.
There you are,acting like you never slipped up before,
up on your pedestal,acting so high and mighty.
It seems you have forgotten how everyone encouraged you to get back on your feet again.
Like I said before,I am not justifying my actions.
And I think you should know,they haunt me every day of my life.
I am not looking for sympathy,call me arrogant if you have to.
what I would like for you to do is to find it in your heart to let go.
I know it is hard,especially when we all make mistakes,
but we can only grow with each others’ support.
Call me a dreamer,but that is my prayer,that is my wish.
But if it is not possible,it is not possible.
I will just have to put up with your hurt and pain.
I know that in future I will be alright,
even when you say people are lying to me that my life has turned around.
I am determined,I will succeed even if you try so hard to put me down.

© Mike Kwambo (his blog, his twitter)