I see you and I definitely don’t want to be you…
You sit by me,
Talk to me,
Laugh with me,
Buying my friendship as we go along…
But there you are, behind my back
Weaving that web of deceit as you go along your way,
Poisoning those I love to see it your way,
Your venomous, unhealthy, putrid way…
It makes me gag!!!

I see you, with your ‘religion’ dangling around your neck…
It must be a ruse,
Or maybe just your random muse,
How pretentious…
But now I see you,
Like the proverbial blind man regaining his sight,
And boy isn’t crystal clear,
sharper than ever…

Do you kiss your mother with those same lips?
Those lips giving deceiving tips
Or with that voice singing in church
Leaving the congregation with your touch
Keep that religion…
It will provide solace when your time comes
It’s coming…
If I were you I would prepare for it.

Don’t you worry…
I will still keep you close,
After all it is I you chose,
But I will not do to you what you did to me
There are some things that just aren’t me
Perhaps I will be more cautious in your company,
But definitely…
I will sit by you,
Talk to you,
Laugh with you…

But know this…
I see you,
I see you,
I see you…for what you are, my foe in friend’s clothing!

© tess wandia