I’m a different kind of broad
I don’t want you on my physical, there’s more I want you to explore
I want you to do my mind
I know I have you all confused lemme show you how it’ll go
I want you to run your fingers through every corner of my intellect and savor what you’ll find
I want you to open up my dreams
Before you have the pleasure of making me scream
I want you to kiss my fears goodbye
Before you can kiss anything that will end up with me letting out a few sighs
I want you to part me from all the rest before you can part my legs
I want you to come on top of me and shelter me
Before you can come on top of me and enter me
I want you to lay down with me on this bed we both made
Before we can leap on a bed where babies can be made
I want you to run your hands up this ladder to my highs
Before you run them up my inner thighs
I want you to recognize I’m a treasure
Before we can pleasure
I want you to protect our attraction
Before we need to buy that wrapped protection
I want you to know me
Before you can be in me
I want you to understand this dame
Before I can call out your name
I want you to take my mind to bed
Love it
Shag it
Screw it
Or whatever phrase is now said
Know my inner
Or just view my outer from afar!

© adelle o. (her blog)