It’s that twinkle,
in your eyes,
Brightening your already beautiful eyes,
When you look at me,
That look tells me,
You are indeed looking at me,
Only me,
Is your focus on,
It’s deeper than a look,
That look,
Seemingly delving,
Into the depths,
Of my entire being,
Speaking volumes,

When you smile,
Smiling at me,
It ain’t only a curving,
Of your luscious lips,
Those eyes….
Reflect it’s warmth,
Confirming its genuineness,
Magically complimenting,
That look in your eyes…
It makes me,
Feel transparent!

Contagious is that look,
Coupled with that smile,
I respond,
In recompense,

You look at me,
I look at you,
Eyes lock,
That gaze we hold,
Don’t wanna let go….

You smile,
I smile,
A smile so lovely,
So tender…

That look,
That smile,
In that moment
I’m lost!
At that juncture,
Words can rest….

But here I am,
I use words,
To relive it all

© Felicity Shiro