It’s a smile I feel pulling at my lips
when I see you
a tug at the heart strings
it’s my heart that sings
but only when it is you I see…

Your name is on my mind like indelible ink
I think about you
making me wish I was an imagineer at Disney
for these thoughts make my imagination run amok
but only when it is you I think about…

They speak about you the good and the bad
and I listen
my mind stops at the good
that is all I hear
I believe it pulls me near
only when it is about you do I listen
and oh how I love to listen…

You left me tingling
yes you definitely touched me
just that brush felt like a tug…an embrace
didn’t you feel that uuum spark ?
it set all my nerves on fire
saved me from flat lining
animating me
making me the real in surreal
but only when it is you that touches me…

So what I want
no what I need
is for our senses to seek each other
to the end of the earth
till the end of time
let me be you and you be me

All I can say…
it is you:
I feel myself with,
I hear myself with,
I talk with,
I see myself with,
Picture perfect…

© tess wandia