2010 has been an amazing & successful year for wamathai.com in many respects. Some new & very talented writers came on board, Wamathai Spoken Word was born, our readership grew tremendously and so many other wonderful things.

We would like to say a big thank you to our writers, partners, readers, fans and everyone who has supported us. 2011 will be even better year.

Happy holidays and an amazing new year. God bless you.

Yet another time another day,
Festive season, they call it
Am supposed to be joyous but my heart is filled with sadness
Disturbing memories
Tents and camps still on sight,
Lets make this season merry for all
Remember all your neighbours

A new dawn was set, ages ago
For the cause of humanity
Built with love as the foundation
Now replaced by hatred and immorality
Remember the weak
With a true smile and warm heart!
As He says…

© mburu kamau/shiku george