As I lay on my bed
And let my fingers do the typing
I can’t help but think of my past
They say let the bygones be bygones
But the past has moulded the person I am
I have had my losses
I have shed many tears
I have had a thousand smiles
I have let myself experience the journey
It has been a sentimental journey
But love and hope is still a dear part of me
That I cannot live without
No matter what!
Do wishes come true?
I dream,and will dream again
I have a Christmas wish
For me,my family and dear ones
I wish to wake up to a new world
Where the meaning of freedom is really true
Where people respect each other
And accept their choices
Regardless of religion,race/tribe,sexuality
Where we all get along
Working together to create
Peace and harmony among us
And at the wake of each dawn
We are greeted by smiles
I am tired of seeing war on the news
I am tired of malicious gossip
I am tired of seeing children cry
I am tired of seeing hopelessness and poverty
My wish is all disease could be gone
That the likes of surgeries and chemotherapies
Are unheard of
My wish is to see
anger and strife
replaced with positivity
I wish there will always be food on the table
And that you and I may always remember the less fortunate
I wish for time, that we may all reflect
On the blessings we have
And express our love to our loved ones
May we never feel lonely
Because there are those who care
I do care
And may we realize
We are special,unique and we can make a difference
Not only in Christmas but all year through
I wish for my thoughts to be positive ones
That I may never quit and never give up on my dreams
And that I may continue to learn
And be surrounded by love, peace and joy
My Christmas wish is that I
Find my one true love and soul mate
To hold close to me
And journey with me
My Christmas wish is that thy pains
And bleeding scars deep within us
May forever heal
And replaced with beautiful memories
These wishes come from my heart
Happy holidays and happy new year too!
Always remember that I love you!

© Saru Mkamboi