Last Friday Peter called me. He always does. On the first Friday of the month he calls me plus a couple of girls and thereafter we have fun all weekend long. We’d had such weekends six previous times and each time we got up to no good. One weekend I even had a threesome, the craziest thing I’ve done in my life so far. I’m a bachelor and currently not dating anyone so I’m not breaking any rules or anyone’s heart by going all out on these weekends, but Peter is. He is married and takes a fictional work related trip when he wants to get away. He says he loves his wife but apparently she is too nice and proper for his taste. He prefers more outgoing women. Why then are they married, you might wonder.

Anyway back to last Friday. Peter, the ladies and I hooked up in town. I noticed that Peter was driving his wife’s car that day but I did not comment. We decided to head to Mlolongo because apparently Hotel Connections was hosting a theme night that promised to be fun. It turned out to be the opposite though we decided to hang out there for a while hoping things would change. They didn’t. The place just wasn’t happening so we went somewhere else. We ended up at Choma Zone on Mombasa Road. There was a live band there and a pretty wild crowd which was the kind of thing we liked. We went in, secured a table and ordered drinks. After a couple of drinks we all got up to dance.

We had not been on the dance floor long before the music was interrupted and it was announced that the owner of a certain car was required outside so as to move it. It turned out to be the car we came in so Peter followed the guard outside. It took awhile to get back and when he eventually did, he was accompanied by police officers. They requested us all to collect our belongings and to follow them outside as there was an issue they wanted to discuss with us. I found that odd and was about to protest but Peter urged me to comply. So we followed the police outside but they did not want to talk, they had different intentions it turned out. There was a civilian with the police with a laptop that looked really out of place. We were put in handcuffs and then in a police car which headed towards the city. Peter followed in the car accompanied by one policeman.

When we got there, we were asked for identification and then taken to an empty room and told to wait without an explanation of what we’d been arrested us for despite our repeated questions. After thirty minutes or so the door to the room where we were being held opened and among the people that walked in was Peter’s wife Julia. Peter was too shocked to say anything and looked as if he had seen a ghost. His wife was all business though and she asked that we be released as there had been a mistake. She had come home only to find that her car was missing and so she had called the car tracking company to report that it had been stolen. Peter then left with his wife and the women and I called a cab to take us home.

It later came out that our arrest was arranged. Julia had suspected for some time that Peter was cheating but she couldn’t prove it so she decided to set a trap. She tampered with his car by removing the battery and replacing it with an old one that did not function and then draining it of all fuel. She knew that he would be in a hurry and wouldn’t bother to check the battery or to go buy fuel. She went to hang out at her friend’s house after that. She had left her car and the keys in it and conveniently ’lost’ her phone so that there was no way he could tell her that he had taken her car. She came home around 10 PM and then reported her car missing. You all know what happened after that.

After that incident Julia gave Peter an ultimatum, he would have to change or she would leave him. Peter loved her so he agreed to her terms.

© james wamathai