If love, love so nice
Tell me, tell me why I’m sad

…. this is the anti-climax
And I no longer can go on
Smiling and feigning nonchalance
After all that you told me

The blood in my veins has turned bitter and toxic
And the thoughts I harbor in this head
Are neither sane nor safe at all
At least, not safe for that whore
Who bared her teeth at you
With her tasteless humour

Sorry, I digress
...If love, love so nice
Tell me why it hurts so bad

… and it really does hurt
But not bad enough
Not bad enough for me
To commit the murder
I feel boiling inside me

Love brought me great joy
And made me a better person

….that is a myth
A bed time story for little kids
I’m actually becoming
A worse person
For this love

I am mad…really mad
And I am not sure what I feel
Is safe for me
Or even for you
Whenever you smile at me like that
I get lost
Lost in the difference between
What I want and what is good for me
And for you

What you expect of me this time round
Is too much to ask
For this heart of mine is too weak
For the objectivity
Of casual relationships

© pauline muindi (her blog, her twitter)