African princess…I want to come and drink the waters of where your rivers flow. Because you are alright with me.

Such sweet, intoxicating, magnetic chocolate wisdom to fulfill my every appetite. I am full.I was starving for some of your easy conversation.

Sensuously seeking for your land of milk and honey. Your love is the key to my innermost self. You are more than an inspiration to my third eye.

African princess…shine your light on me with a raised brow as I gaze at your light. It’s my life…my life…my life…my life in your sunshine! Just beans and things and flowers when it comes to you and me. I could talk with you for hours. You are more relaxing than a cup of KETEPA tea..

I want to touch your brown, deep, never ending love. Softly brush my hands across your many layers. Dimensions, levels. Every area I choose to explore. Gracefully…gently reading your pages of life… for it is my soul’s purpose.

African princess…I am your prince…your identity…your birthright. The man that you have always known. In my heart I will always know that I am the other half of the one familiar to you. If your heart aches…I will feel it…when your mind cries..I will hear it. Say no words from your sweet lips but I listen to them quite well. It is clear that I am the ingredient in your spell in which your beautiful dreams are desired.

African princess, I see you in so many ways. Deep blue, fire red…seed of life. I pray that the tears of Isis will blessedly fall down to anoint thy face. That I will always think of you as my African princess. Nobody will ever take your place.

© Mike Kwambo (his blog, his twitter)