A picture of you is like a thousand sweet words,
I figure its true you belong to me,
More than the world,
When i’m with you
I can bear my life’s’ load,
And in my soul you are,
All the worth of gold,

Thoughts of you are a daily dose to my heart,
An image of your smile ties me to you,
Never to depart please receive my spirit for your comfort,
Release all your fears,
Let them drown in the broth of our union,
The way you talk,
Your is a deadly charm,
Whenever we are together,
I’m unable to hold my calm,

Who are you?
Who can make me lose my poise,
And how can you,
Still make me want to rejoice,
A look in to your eyes,
Compels me into a trance of wonder,
The purity in them,
Can make the holiest of females shudder,

Is it that you are a saint?
Reincarnated through a heavenly blunder,
Or to me you are sent,
As my fountain of joy an external partner,
In my world,
You are all i understand,
In the sky above my head,
I can see you in that peaceful blue.

© Nakoli Maloba (her work)