Yeah you,
Could it be you?
Silly me…it could only be you.

The one who eases me,
teases me,
excites me,
brightens me,
And tames me,

One thought and i shudder,
glance and i quiver,
touch and i am weaker,
Kiss and i melt like butter.

When you are near i glow,
As white as snow,
And to me you show,
That damn you got flow,

But is it real,
What i feel
And can it kill,
Or make me ill?

Oh well
I did cooperate,
And participate,
So it would be appropriate
That i appreciate.
Your return, should i anticipate?
Or thoughts of you eradicate.

You have accomplished your reason,
And have served your season,
Hope you’re happy cause you’ve put me in your prison.

© Nakoli Maloba