Those you have had,
Either good or bad,
Happy or sad,
Sane or mad,
Alone or with a lad,
Of ma or dad,
In your brain or on pad,
But are still remembered

They could be from observation,
Or even deprivation,
They just need organization
And patience without aggravation,
Or else may cause apprehension.

Some are embarrassing,
You would rather forget them
Others enticing,
You would want to pursue them
And those that are inviting,
You wish to relive them
While the aggravating,
You would want to banish.

Sadly though,
Some are like foe,
They never go
Especially those that leave a sore,
And just like a bow
Through you may bore,
Makes you want to pick a hoe,
And shove them into a sealed store.

The good…
You wanna keep on leash, 
Always to unleash,
To you they are the ‘ish’
Though some kiddish,
To unveil at will
Whether appropriate or out of niche
Ohh memories,memories never kapish!

© Nakoli Maloba (her work)