He got rhythm. She got soul.
They are the words to their unspoken song.
He funkifies her soul. She harmonizes his rhythm.
As they add note by note to the music bar the hang on. 
Colouring their melodies with thoughts in unison.
Making sweet the tune strung from their shared feelings.
Creating Love songs. Sad songs. Life songs.
Their song.
Having moments that go off tune when they are in discord.
But always bouncing back with modulations to higher and stronger bonds.
Renaissance. Baroque. Romanticism
Each period being within their definitive nature.
Understanding each other to levels of major heights and diminished lows.
Winding each other in their circle of fifths.
Balancing their polyphonism into a monotone
Representing the oneness that they are.
And together forming the absolute and sweetest melody.
Ending in nothing but a perfect cadence.
She is the Soul. He is the Rhythm.
Funkified. Harmonized. Soulidified and Rhythmic.
They are the Music of their Hearts.

© murugi kagotho (her work)