she’s only ten years old
she’s only ten years old
let’s call her Alice
young girl so full of promise
every day she makes her way home
from the village school
a young man..twenty two years old
has been eyeing her
so one day he stops her
and buys her plenty of goodies
shameless man…sinister plot on his mind
he wins her trust and in no time
he gets her to visit his house
all civility is thrown out of the window
young man forces himself on little Alice
raping her over and over and over again
now she is pregnant…thrown out of school
young man is nowhere to be seen
she’s only ten years old…
she should be out there playing
but now she is going to be a mother
robbed of her innocence…
deprived of her childhood
her perception of men is changed forever
she’s only ten years old…

©Mike Kwambo (his blog, his twitter)