like Tony Nyadundo
singing Isanda Gi Hera
I am very very sad

Lando* lady
oh! how I love you
but nyako* you refuse me

when I see you
my heart goes kubum bu
like the great isikuti* beat

you generate feelings in me
like KenGen generates electricity
and even if I tell you…you refuse me

omukhana omulai*
what can I possibly do
to make you feel like I feel

should I stop the Eldoret Express bus
climb it…sit in the seat…pay for the seat
and travel to visit you in Kasipul Kabondo?

and when I get there
should I talk to you and convince you
to accompany me back to Shamakhokho?

ja-ber!you are so sweet
so sweet like a packet of Mumias Sugar
ja-ber! I am the cup of tea that needs your sweet sugar

I think of you as my future omukhasi*
with every thought of you I hear kubum bu
please lando lady I am yearning for you

I have tried to explain to you the feelings of my heart
using thoughts in my mind and words from my mouth
but nyako…you refuse me

( Lando- means fair skinned in the Dholuo language)
( Nyako-refers to a woman or girl in Dholuo)
( Ja-ber- refers to a beautiful woman in Dholuo)
(Omukhana Omulai- Refers to a good woman/girl in the Luhya language)
( Omukhasi-Refers to woman/wife in Luhya)
(Isikuti-Corruption of “Is good” in English.Refers to a melodious Luhya dance)

© Mike Kwambo (His Blog, His Twitter)