Your stay I no longer stave
When soft my shoulder ceases to be
In the vortex of the vicissitudes
We swirl and whirl in thought
Blind to the pride’s scheme
Gone with the wind of wrath,
The pleasures in which we hid

My words now sputter
Looking for a cheek to flatter
My eyes still strain
To catch a glimpse of your face
That each day my pain dimmed
Assuaging a surging ache;
And the pleasure these fingers derived
Tracing curves well curved
All that a fleeting past
Dust shed in a swift swing

My song is now hollow
The words ring of sorrow
Their edge rudely blunted
By diurnal torment
By daily lament
The wind sups on my song
But were you here
Where my eyes can reach
Where my fingers can knead
My heart would sing days long.

© chrispus kimaru (His Work)