Sweet eyed queen
Be my new love twin
Conquer my manhood
With your soft moods
Shower my empty life
With glaciers of laughter
Like a double edged knife
Tear through my past
With promises that last
Oh my flower from afar.

Sweet eyed queen
I’m your Romeo be my Juliet
Hold my hand lets stroll in the moonlight
Cruising the vast skies like a playful kite
To mates paradise let’s take a flight
There our future will be bright
Bright with no traces of lonely nights
Only romantic, breath taking sights
For sure it’s a voyage worth a million fights.

Sweet eyed queen
Stroke my sleeping emotions
Caress my heart into motion
Jog my feelings into motivation
You whose smile is inevitable
Whose beauty is indescribable
Unchain this soul of mine
Place me back on the line
Let me just taste your wine.

Sweet eyed queen
Gentle is your touch
A creamy voice to match
All I’d die to watch
Catch or forever search
Sweet eyed queen
Show me the way to win
Love and forever pin
You to my junk being.

© simon njoroge (His Work)