In front of you stands a boy who wishes to be referred to as a man. In all aspects he is a man, he has the facial hair, other hair, a voice not especially adapted to whispering and the man sized clothing he wears.

Inside is a boy ravaged, buffeted and tormented by the forces of the world into a shell…his own safe little world where he growls and lashes at most who dare approach, an animal, a savage beast taught that amiability only leads to extermination, yet still, a little boy, with all the dreams and aspirations of other little boys, of money, freedom and yes, love.

In front of you stands a man, once a beast, now a boy. In his eyes, the reflection of the pain that made a beast of him, and a glow, at the sight of (she) who melted the pelt and dimmed the storm.On his lips, the trembling. Words struggling to get out and express the soul now eternally open to her. In his mind the will, too eroded by time, to hide the fact that your will is his…the ultimate expression of whipped. In his heart, the love, that he never imagined could be held in what was once an empty crusty old useless thing. In his soul, the light, purity and warmth of forces too large and strong for him to encompass his mind around…yet still, just a boy, hardly knows what is the next step.

In front of you stands a man, yet a boy. The last shred of protection gone. No projection of a man left, just a boy, scared of being alone, tired of torment and rejection.

A boy already aware the cloak of being a man has been taken away, by what lies in his heart. With the mess of his cloaks, the man and the beast, and their victims lying around he can at best only lift his eyes to you and hope you can overlook it all. He came out of his shell for you, he shed his skins for you, and exposed himself for you. Just a boy, no words to express or advertise himself, not anymore, no clothing to flaunt to you, no fancy toys to show you, just the glow of the unaltered love he feels for you that pulled him out, and the longing for you, to just come to him this once, hug him and lift him from the wreckage that’s his past, and help him grow anew into his new environ and adapt, make new choices and grow to be a better man, and most importantly, your man!

© Ben Mwangi (His Blog, His Twitter)