Makmende Vies for President is a musical directed by Fredrick Omondi & Chris (Tabasamu) & features Olympia Owira (Changing TImes), Epha Muriithi, Victor Njane & Alexander Munyiri (Changes).

Venue: Sarakasi Dome, Ngara
Dates: 12th November, 6.30 PM, 13th November at 3.00Pm & at 6.30 PM & 14th November at 3.00Pm & at 6.30 PM
Entry Charges: Kshs. 450 Advance, Kshs. 500 at the gate

Check the poster below for concert dates & details on where to buy tickets.

To get a complimentary ticket to the first show on Friday 12th November at 6 PM, answer the following question & send the correct answer, your name & number to >><<

Question 1: In the musical, who attends Makmende’s installation ceremony?

Look for clues here