They say accidents are sudden
But this mine own is ages old
Surgical, clinical and measured,
Every step taken to mould it
Each move taken with a wild passion
Like a dervish in a deadly dance
Counting off the fingers after every turn
Never really aware of the end mission
And when the blind moment comes
When fate hurtles towards destiny
When the known hugs the unknown
The anti-climax comes off unscathed
And poor climax rolls off unsung…

I am this mine own accident,
When luring lust I chose over lulling love
I am this mine own accident,
When a path of pain siring words I chose
Words which like flies in a gust whiff away…
I am this mine own accident,
When I turned south while all trekked north
And now I swim with the sharks of penury
While up north they ebb in tides of opulence
I am this mine accident,
When I let every soul map my path
And my own will I gladly bludgeoned…

Now look at this wretched wreck
That each morning you see walk by
A dead being in live livery clothed
Smart, but living other peoples hours;
When mine own I live in my soulless heart
Relived in dreams when the itch attacks,
The itch of penning these unformed words
When the urge gnaws on these broken nails
Nails bitten to a cusp in fantasies of grandeur
When I feel that this wreck can still arise…
And put one word down
I am.

© chrispus kimaru (His Work)