Many a prayer have i sang,
But this lord, this one,
From the deepest of my soul’s vaults
I beseech your roving ear to hearken

I dare say lord,

Kill me not,
When the innocence of childhood,
I have not regurgitated
For when will I learn
Of the glorious years I lost,
How will I tell of paths uncharted?

Kill me not,
When at this fountain, I glory
This richly laden well of my youth
Where daily I drink and revel
Let me lose this slough of gaiety
And with the trumpet,
Dine I with deity

Lord, kill me not,
When my heart brims with life
But let me drum it to a haughty halt
As I swirl in the murk of swift life
Living for those who missed today

Yes Lord kill me not, I plea
With any of these bones intact
Let me like a shred tear each
That when I come,
Like a visiting wind, I will fly
Forgotten by all alike.

© chrispus kimaru (His Work)