I am a very charming sponge, from which you, if you want
Can squeeze any amount of humor you so wisheth
You do have a radiant smile that can warm up a cold a heart
And mine is as cold as winter.

As much as I develop a liking for you with each fleeting moment
Am yet to come to an understanding with my conscience and sub-conscience
Tell me; do you at all find any fault in me,
Am I too sensitive that you think of me less than a man,
Who cannot handle a ball of cotton when it falls on him?
If so, then I do not pity you, but those who are yet to know,
And those who feed people like us with such fallacy,
for strong men feel pain and real men do cry too.

And if not, then why sooth me with such comforting words that
I am ‘sweet and such a charming guy after all but you don’t want to hurt my feelings”
Your exact words if I recall
Now who is being sarcastic
Do you even have an ounce of idea to what feelings are and what it means
by hurting other people’s feelings.

I’m not being bitter but, but I have boxed my feelings for such a long time and
I, am tired of being a shadow,
Why is it impossible for you to develop positive inner feelings for me
It is a two way thing
You are beautiful, I am beautiful so why don’t we go home together
And not just stare at each other but talk to each other
Like two caged birds in a serene environment.

© O. Makonjio