Facebook, myspace, twitter, foursquare…….
Social networking
Nkt….it is truly networking
This is my story
I want to tell it ASAP
I know you will not feel sorry…
I had just opened my accounts
Facebook, twitter, myspace
Unlike my bank accounts
This were truly revolutionary
Said all the major dailies
Because it connected gangsters to missionaries
Blah, blah, blah…..
We did not have a fight
What did I do last night?
Give me a second
It took just a second
To lose my princess
All I did was worthless
Share, was to share
What was in my mind?
But this is not fair
“That girl has this accentuated behind
I want to have just a poke”
That is what I updated
On my Facebook and twitter status
I thought of having it deleted
But 10 people had already like the status
5 tweeples had it retweeted
And my profile
Interested in …women
Looking for…dating, friendship
Then with ten comments
On that status update
I picked my phone to comment
The last one seemed familiar
But all it said was “NO COMMENT”
It did seem peculiar
But I went ahead to add a comment
“I won’t just poke it
But will feel it all night long”
My friends urged me on
Some begging to be tagged on the photo
Of what I would be feeling
This did hurt someone`s feelings..
Before I slept, like always
Had to check that fair smile
Of the world`s most beautiful girl
For whose love I would go that extra mile
I went straight to her profile
Her update was a few minutes old
Like mine
It was bubbling with comments
“We are done”

© kamal ogudah (His Twitter, His Work)