My name is Broom
I sweep your trash and your children’s filth,
Mop your vomit on the polished marble
And your wife’s piss on the waxed wood
Where you lay yester night, belching from bloat,
Pregnant with drink and foreign smoke.

My name is Carwash,
Your limo is clean and the hood all waxed
The black jaguar is, the pink Ferrari is revving!
Julia daughter must speed off to school!
And Jimmy boy must rush that tender.
Mama, your Benz in a minute! One more snore!

My name is Chauffeur,
To this gossip meeting and that women’s workshop
She needs to learn how to tend her own husband
And that from a bachelorette and a serial divorcee
“Do as I say not as I do but if you must, do as I do!”
The women laugh, high fives, and money flies.

My name is Cook,
Oh midday it is! How soon! Where’s my breakfast?
Wait, the cat is meowing, the bulldog needs bone
Madam is calling, gossip luncheon is due
The workers are cursing, their lunch is overdue!
Utensils need scrubbing and the lamb needs chopping.

My name is Shambaboy
The lawn needs mowing and these weeds, oh my!
The kennel needs cleaning and the bitch must bathe
This sty is stinking but the cows need milking
Where is my breakfast? Oh it’s evening already!
The Boss is hooting but the sprinkler needs moving!

My name is Yaya
School is over; Julia’s boy needs picking
Feeding and changing, a child’s child, this one!
Homework then supper, lullaby or bed time fables?
Mama is screaming, Yaya, my back needs scratching!
And Julia is snapping “iron the nappies, will you?”

My name is Watchman,
The night has began but my day never ended
Mind the gate! Its Friday again, VIP dinner!
Roast lamb or boiled pork, champagne or ginger tea?
A bite of air for me will do, as I yawn and hope
When the VIPs leave, for a half chewed bone. If I am lucky.

© Kiarii Wainaina (His Blog)