The large pearly gates
With the embossed words “Prison”
Beckoned me like a lover,
I went ahead and caressed its rusted body as I walked in
I came to see you
To hear the tales of behind bars
To listen to the cries of “Yes Afande!”
To bring the news of the outside world

I came to see you with the sad news of goodbye

They said I should come no more
Am a bad influence- Too liberal minded they say,
The warden smiled at me as he told me this,
Winking at me with those eyes of his
Slowly passing his hands over mine
And slurring in his words in slow rhyme
I know what he wants and he knows I know it too
I could imagine his rough hands on me,
His alcohol-reeking breath,
His rough hands roaming my body
I was repelled- he could see this in my eyes
And his anger knew no bounds
That’s why he made this my last journey to see you

I look at your innocent face, now rugged and old
Yet you are only twenty,
Still energetic, still full of life
The sunken eyes tell tales, of days and night of misery
The hollow cheeks scream torture
And the smooth hands that I knew are no more,
I remember those hands
The way they saved me from that monster
That wanted to take away my innocence in the darkest of the nights
That wanted to drink from the potent well that’s my womanhood
You saved me- you remember?
You held me and kept me safe
You wiped my tears and….
I remember your conviction
I remember the judge with a bald head and a lisp
Sending you to the gallows for a crime you did not commit
For saving an innocent girl from harms way
It’s been years now, am here, to say goodbye
Because I cannot commit the sin that you saved me from
I cannot give into the warden’s wanton desires
To bribe him with my body

© beth nduta (Her Blog, Her Twitter)