Man of God
What song shall you sing?
Now that katiba has been born
Long after you experienced labour pains
On behalf of a mother subdued by dictatorship
Oh what great mercy you portrayed
Suffering on behalf of mama Kenya
Who was then suffocating in tear gas.

African warrior
What story shall you tell your grandchildren?
As they walk on tarmacked roads
Learn in decent classrooms
Know not of tribalism
Know not of a beast called corruption
See not of police brutality
Hear not of starving humanity.

The great one
What explanation shall you give?
When they ask why
They can criticize the system and get away
Speak out their minds
Without fear of torture chambers
Exercise their rights
Without watching over their shoulders.

The brave one
What tale shall you tell them?
When the open minded
Were greeted with terror and torture
The defiant painted with colours of traitors
The rebellious forced into exile
The caring branded as callous
The merciful put to detention without trial.

Father of change
Will you not ask for an explanation?
Why Jaramogi, Shikuku, Matiba, Rubia, Muite, Orengo……….
Had to live like wild gazelles, always on the run
Why Alexander Muge………………
Why you were beaten almost to death
By enemies of change
Proving further their greed for power.

Messenger of peace
Why will you now not dance with me?
This song of freedom and praise
For in you Kenya found solace
When tyranny would offer none
In you this new born was conceived
On your belief Kenya trod the road to liberation
In your forgiving spirit
Kenyans will forgive and forget.

© simon njoroge

*** Timothy Murere Njoya is a Minister of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa and a leading advocate for justice and human rights in Kenya.