Who will rescue me from this prison,
of a life that lacks meaning,
of an existence that is hopeless,
of a being that is of no essence?
I walk miles and miles,
if only to find a better place,
to rest my heavy heart
and my down trodden soul.
What I find are bare lands,
drought ravaged plains,
and famine infested valleys,
of dreams scorched,
desires shattered.
I look ahead and see nothing,
I see no horizon of hope
no mirage of better days ahead.
I dare not look back,
for its filled with disappointment,
broken dreams
and lost opportunities.
I keep on trudging
with no desire at all,
I see people who fell by the way,
who could not stand the heat
who gave up
who said enough is enough.
I know that is not my fate,
to lie lifeless in my state.
My time is running out,
my curtain falling,
if somebody will not reach out
and rescue me from this prison.

© Eddie Ombagi (His Blog)