I want to be the night’s darkness
That hugs you closer than I ever will,
Caressing you in a velvety feathery touch,
The inky blackness that fills your every pore,
The soft nothingness that feels your every curve,
Your every breath, every flutter, and every sigh.

I envy the dreams that fill your night
And flood your mind with blissful thoughts
Flattering, daring, telling worries to take a walk
Floating within your mind without a care but your happiness
Rolling back the hands of time in happy memories,
Touching your future before your morrow comes.

I wish to be the golden ray of a brand new sun
And bring a joyous sparkle to your big round eyes
The virgin touch on your ebony temple,
To brushes your lips with a morning kiss,
Kiss the dimples in your chubby cheeks,
And draw out your smile and the angel in you.

Let me be the glare of a blazing noon
To melt your heart and will away,
And burn on your soul my blessed name,
I shall wilt your fears and cares away
And make a shadow for your blessed feet
While you walk watch your step, while you run, break your stamp.

I want to be the red hot blood within your veins
So I’ll feel your every crook and every nerve
Know what tickles you and what ails you,
When I touch the fountain of your sacred love,
And rush the breath and width of your being
To keep your heartbeat alive and make you tick.

I wish to be the evening’s breeze,
Fresh and cool to feel your skin tingle,
From my lazy touch on your rounded hips
And savour your scent when your skirts flutter
Running unseen fingers and ruffling your hair
Unseen, carefree, dancing, whistling our love song.

I want to be the dawn that breaks your day
The shadow, at noon to ever kiss your blessed feet
If only I would be the sunset; paint you a beautiful ending
Or the night to hold your dreams, so you’d ever cherish me.
I wish to be this and I want to be that
But I am only me, my love, and you love me for who I am.

© Kiarii Wainaina (His Work)