“Let’s last forever.” Said I to Infinity,
Who smiled rather cheekily,
And with a shoulder shrug,
Gave me a colder hug,
And a kiss on the cheek,
Then she whispered in my ear, ‘let’s last ’till next week.’
‘Next week is too soon,’ said I,
Red eyed,
From fury half contained then she said,
‘I can’t promise you forever, because promises break like my heart,
if we start with playing time… Then today is last week.’ She said,
‘And you have one week left.’
Dazed, Weak breath,
Confused and not,
In my senses I came to face with thought,
And eventually replied,
‘The moon rose when the sun died,
But from the math that learnt I,
The sun died indeed, but the moon held onto it’s light so to be fair it never left.’

She laughed at my cleverness,
And said,’ Ridiculous! Trickster you! I know what misters do,
And if you really want me in the worst way,
Then I’ll give you today up to Thursday.’
‘But that’s not forever…’ I begun but before I could say,
She started to pray.
Stars fell and skies cracked.
‘What is it you do,’ I asked the goddess infinity as lightning whipped.
‘The cup from which you sipped,’ She said,
‘Has been stripped from your palm ’till you know finesse and calm. Kiss forever goodbye as I depart.’
And then the earth crumbled and the world fell apart.
‘Don’t leave!’ Said I, knowing it’s too soon,
She smiled half-faded, ‘You whom,
At night know where to find the new moon,
Shall die trying to define forever in years.’
And then she disappeared.
Then I woke up.

© checkmate (His Work. His Twitter)