20- 10- 2010 indeed
A happy day long waited
or so it was intended
Mashujaa day it was
Memories of fallen paladins
Standing heroes’ cognized
A celebration for Wanjiku

Auscult to Stephen Kubai
A son of a fallen hero
time spent with father zero
He sacrificed for Kenya
A true Kenyan knight
Stephen cannot speak English
His children lacked fundamentals
a result of shattered dreams
As Fred fought for a nation
His only plea
Give us the basics
A humbling plea
One, two, three trickles
I cried for a shujaa

I watched Mzee Kamau
A mau mau combatant
So much he had ceded
in his strife for a better future
He fought to bay the Beberu
He fought for a decent life
His almost falling Mabati shanty
A no befitting livelihood
All he does forty seven years since
He hoists a flag by his house
A true Kenyan Patriot
Wallowing in poverty
with nothing to smile about
The sad state of affairs
Makes me cry for a shujaa

I listen to Gitu wa Kahengeri
Mau Mau veteran spokesman
Fighting for their rights
He will not relent
The queen must compensate
The treaty they had signed
Majority have nothing
Nothing seem forthcoming
I pray that they win this
Too many woes for the Shujaa’s

If only justice could be done
If only Wanjiku had a care
Of how far he had come
a valued nation we shall have
A solid defense we shall have
in oneness we shall live
only peace in this life
For prosperity of Kenya.

©Christine Njeri (Her Blog)