I live in the dark, comfortable with myself see,
There? You can’t see me,
Shadows disguise my inner,
Healing scars grow thinner,
Skin thicker,
A quick thinker,
They say…

But I think about the future slowly,
Keep it to myself mostly,
And laugh at their jokes when they approach me,
Yet my thought be,
Where’s my watch see,
They talk too much, I’m not running out of time I just walk quick…
They say…
I just talk slick… Ladies say,
I am man so each day is ladies day,
Roses & Kisses for my love hoping that babies may,
Pop out her belly, I become father,
I become author,
And name the book that is Him-son and Her-daughter,
I craft their stories and call them their future…

© checkmate (His Work, His Twitter)