After this drink,
I am going to change this world
Talk to the laymen and gay men
Tell them of this fantasy world
Everything goes
And nothing comes
Tell them of my days flying away
Where none could touch my dream
A dream not born but already dead
Squashed by this saddening reality

After this drink,
I will look out to those sunsets
Of which poets sang; but never saw
For in my world is where they set
And I watch them without a blink
I will invite them to dine with me,
Where we look out for nothing
As we already have everything
Yet looking at it we own nothing
For all this might be not be,

After this drink,
I will preach new politics
Tell politicians I am already here
Where I get all when I vote them in
And I will invite them to sit with me;
Muse on the heavens they promised
As they get a touch of the sweet hell
A gift, when our votes they got

After this drink,
Meekly, I will walk to the seller
Turn up my face to lock his
Tell him I can’t pay for my take
Promise to pay for any more drinks
And I will hope he will calmly listen
For there is no other way about this
As this drink is my life already lived.

© chrispus kimaru (His Work)