Don’t cry anymore, the tears you’ve shed, are enough.
Stop shedding them anymore.
They make me sadder
Even though things are hard for now, you know what my heart stands for.
I vowed to spend the rest of my life with you, despite our families’ differences.
And what you did to me.

My love, you betrayed my love
Eloped with another-like me
Who planted a seed in you
That did not resemble me
Then he left you desolate and hopeless, after

That’s now in the past
I chose you
And that’s the reason I want to have you by my side all the time
My door for your heart has never been closed
True love is never short of hills and valleys

When I meet your father he looks at me with bitter revengeful eyes,
Your mother treats me like a floor mat, from her disgraceful looks
Your brother almost broke my jaws, the other day…
… that worries me a lot

There is something I can see disturbing your mind, my darling
I can see there is something you want to tell me,
But you can’t say it,
Then cry….
Just cry for now, because whatever is in the heart is silent

Even though my family dislikes you,
I chose to live with you
Since you are the joy of my heart
And I’ll never leave you as long as I’m alive
My heart can never find a replacement of you

It’s already late at night and my dear you want to leave
If you chose to leave me, my heart will always be sad
Please don’t leave at this time
T’is better you wait until daybreak
Then you may start your journey

My love,
Please don’t despise yourself
No one is impeccable
And as long as I love you
Nothing will stand on our way
For I believe
God made you for me
And I care less about people’s opinions
More than your feeling and love for you

© mburu kamau