The maumau walked so that i could run & my children could fly – Wamathai

They hid so that I could show my face with pride – Checkmate

slayed and beat for my independence smile – Achieng

So I live that my children may still be free after I die – Michael

Brave men bled, strong women faught, so that i may realise that this black skin is a cover of pride – Namatsi

They dreamt so I may enact it – Wanjiku

They saw through bushes, with Tiger eyes, Vision piercing through the present straight to the future – Checkmate

Dancing silhouettes of the past, bled the foundation of my today. – Adelaide

The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example. – Ubabz

I am African 1st, my fore fathers & fathers & mothers before me never made an apology for who they were , happy “Shujaa Day Yall!”… Arnimal2000

I don’t know about you,but mimi ni SHUJAA (I am a hero). I changed one person’s life forever. Do good and leave don’t expect anything in return but blessings from God – Kirikah_Kay

Have a great first Shujaa Day.. During your escapades, spare a thought for all those who fought and are still fighting for this – bintiM

As we celebrate Shujaa Day tomorrow remember heroes that were and heroes that are…your mum, your dad, your bro, your sis, your teachers and mentors, people who make you feel that tomorrow I still want to be here…or simply go on and be someone’s hero – sweetawa

Salutes to all the unsung Kenyan heroes: anyone who ever stood up and/or died for us to enjoy this day – DiaspoRadical

To all the people who have given so much for the sake of people they’ve never met, i salute you.. – lindaogallo

*** I had  poets send me their #Mashujaaday haikus and then the rest i lifted from twitter


Above is the statue of one my Shujaas (Heroes), The Late Dedan Kimathi